"FUNGO!(Insieme Musicale Abnorme)"


 Pusher! / S-S-Surf, 7" - Venezuela '80




SANDRO OLIVA & the Blue Pampurio's


"ARIA MALSANA", LP Spittle Rec. - Italy '87




"LIVING WITH A MOUSTACHE", LP Mantra Records - Italy '89




"Folleamore" on 'PUNTOZERO vol.8' LP compilation , Toast - Italy '92





"WHO THE FUCK IS SANDRO OLIVA?", CD Muffin Rec. - Germany '94





"Ciccio", on 'Assorted Muffins', CD Muffin Records- USA '97


"Who Could Imagine?" (live), Munic Rec. - Holland '94



the Grandmothers: "EATING THE ASTORIA", D, 2000


Also on:


20 YEAR ANTHOLOGY OF - CD Inkanish Rec. - D





"JUNK FOOD" Live with Jimmy Carl Black - Obvious Music, It. 2003



TOOK ME / THIS WORLD, - CD single, Obvious Music, It. 2002


FRANK YOU, THANK! (vol.2) - Italian tribut to Frank Zappa - HELP I'M A ROCK / SLEEPING IN A JAR (guest J.C.Black), CD it.2003

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ALSO on:


THE TASTE OF THE LEFTOVERS / The Jack & Jim Show: (J.C.Black/Eugene Chadbourne) - CD, Inkanish rec., D 2001


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