(Band canceled as well!!!)


I'm sorry to tell you that not only our fall tour with Candy Zappa we've been working on for so long has been canceled, but also the band itself is NO MORE.

The story is that two former GM members have put together their own combo in the States with other Zappa alumni and called it

Some agency is now promoting them in Europe, causing a lot of confusion with promoters and venues that were already dealing our tour.

Our booking agent in the end resigned because of this confusion, so here we are.

While that band might be filled with good players and Zappa related names, that's NOT the GRANDMOTHERS the european audiences have learned to love and appreciate.

Jimmy Carl Black, who's been leading the band since the late 80s, is NOT involved in that project, although some promoter has been using his name without his permission.

At this point Jim, Ener and I have decided to JUMP OFF this GRANDMOTHERS Tour Bus.

It would be stupid to fight for the band's name, even though there's enough reasons to do it.


It leaves a bad taste in our mouth for all the work we've done in Europe for the last 9 years to keep the GM name and music up to their legacy, but WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!

As for myself, I only hope that the part I had in this story has been good for these three older guys whose freaky hairy faces has been hanging on my wall since I was a teenager.

When they asked me to join the GM in 1993, I wasn't sure I wanted to do it 100%, as at that time the band sounded terribly sloppy and under-rehearsed and they played a very un-Zappish kind of show (Hi, Roland!!).

But I was (and still am) so aware of how much the Mothers' music had helped to develope my own, that I decided I could give a hand (and a few arms and a bunch of legs and feet) to get them back to their own roots.

I have to say it worked out real fine.

After a couple of tours the band sounded very different, though still not as tight as it should have been.

But finally, with Jim as the lead vocalist and a new line-up and show, the '98 and early 2000 Europe tours were the best that any GM band had ever played, according to somebody who've seen them all.

The 2000 US tour itself had good and interesting moments, in spite of :

and (Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls):

Seriously, they say "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN", but now the Preston, Gardner, Black, Oliva, Bladezipper and co. GRANDMOTHERS is history.

Well, if somebody in L.A. NOW needs SO BAD being a GRANDMOTHER, that's fine with me.

After all it used to be their toy (and Jimmy's).

It's been a honor working with them and playing for YOU!

It's been fun recording and mixing the albums in my studio!

It'll be even more fun what I have in mind for The FUTURE

so STAY TUNED, and



**The Present Day Composer CAN'T AFFORD To Die (Scozzafava)**

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