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(Méditations sur le Mysteres de le Sainte Eglise)
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VOL.4 (the Nomentana Files)

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more music:

1) Not From This Planet (1994, unreleased) 832k

2) Teen-A Peek-A (live at the London Astoria, 1998)2,8Mb

3) Sessospesso (from "Aria Malsana") - new recording4,7Mb

4) Sauna (from "Heavy Lightning", 2004) - short version1,9Mb

5) Help Me, Steve... (from "Heavy Lightning",2004)1,1Mb

6) Who Do You Think You ARF (live 1993, from "Who Could Imagine")2,4Mb

7) Ciccio (from "Heavy Lightning",2004) - guitar solo2,7Mb

8) It's Not Too Loud (from "Sergio's Harem", unreleased) - written during the 1993 tour784k

9) La Mia Orecchia/Ping-Pong (live 1994, from "Sergio's Harem", unreleased)2,9Mb

10) La Mia Testa (from "Living With A Mustache", 1989)2,1Mb

11) Living With A Moustache (from "LWAM", 1989)2,5Mb

12) Non C'è Amore (from "Who The Fuck Is S.O.?!?", 1994)2,4Mb

13) One Night In Tilburg (live in Holland 1994, from "Sergio's Harem", unreleased)2,3Mb

14) What's The Rate? (from "Sergio's Harem", unreleased) - written during the 1993 tour804k

15) Woh Hoo? (live at the London Astoria, 1998)280k

16) Junk Food (live at the London Astoria, 1998)4,6Mb

17) Money solos (da "Heavy Lightning",2004) live in Paris21,9Mb

from S.O.'s Secret ARCHIVES:

18) Gerpongo! (unreleased, 1979/81) 19,2Mb


Songs by Sandro Oliva,


5) is the guitar solo from my own arrangement of Somebody else's song....

9) by Sandro Oliva/the Grandmothers (percussion: Moni Neumeier from Guru Guru)

15) by Sandro Oliva/the Grandmothers

17) solos from another oldie; rearranged... Sax: Bunk Gardner; Kbd: Mauro Andreoni

18) from the unreleased Rock-Opera "GERPONGO!" band: "FUNGO!(I.M.A.)" (1981)

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