& the Blue Pampurio's Extravaganza

live in Roma with

Jimmy Carl Black



Obvious Music, It.1996/2003



C.P.U.Reggae / Intro (Oliva)
Teen-A Peek-A / The Big Chaos (Oliva)

previously released on the "WHO THE FUCK IS SANDRO OLIVA?!?" and "EATING THE ASTORIA" CDs

Vi Siete Lavati Il Cervello? (Oliva) studio version on the "ARIA MALSANA" LP . In english on "WHO THE FUCK IS SANDRO OLIVA?!?"
Help I'm A Rock (FZ) also on the "WHO COULD IMAGINE?" CD /
Money (that's what I want) (Bradford/Gordy) studio version on the new "HEAVY LIGHTNING" CD
Cirylla (Oliva) also on "HEAVY LIGHTNING" /
Octandre (E.Varese)
Help! (Lennon-McCartney) studio version on "HEAVY LIGHTNING" /
Il Ritorno Del Figlio Di Un Milione Di Posti Di Lavoro (Oliva)
Junk Food (Oliva) / Mr.Green Genes (FZ)

studio version on "WHO THE FUCK IS SANDRO OLIVA?!?". Also on "EATING THE ASTORIA" /

Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin (FZ) also on "EATING THE ASTORIA" /
Sleeping In A Jar (FZ) also on "EATING THE ASTORIA" /
Cancro Blues (Oliva)
Sauna (Oliva) studio version on "HEAVY LIGHTNING" /
The Black Cloud (J.C.Black/Oliva)
Those Lonely, Lonely Nights (Vincent/King) also on "WHO COULD IMAGINE?" /
Willy The Pimp (FZ) also on "WHO COULD IMAGINE?"


the Band:

S.O.: Guitars, Vocals, Musical Director

Jimmy Carl Black: Vocals, Tambourine, Mi Vatione

Steve B.Roney: Drums, Vocals

Nick Galle: Bass, Vocals

Mauro Andreoni: Piano, Sinthesyzer

Spike: Organ, Sinthesyzer, Vocals

Bob Money: Tenor Sax


"This was the last of two nights that Jimmy played with us in Roma early in 1996. After the very good performance we had the night before, we took a digital 24 track recording system to the venue, to capture the show for a live album. Unfortunally something went wrong and all we had was a bunch of blank tapes.

We thought that the magic of the night was lost forever. Two good fairies were at work, though. A fan gave me one week later a Super-VHS video recording of the show (which I immediatly edited in a pro studio. See "JUNK FOOD Live - the video" and Obvious Music). But, most of all it came out that the soundman had made a DAT board recording of the show. Of course the sound was not fantastic, and I found the balance in the first three songs at least disappointing, with the guitar either too quiet or too loud, so that I had to make a lot of editing. But I liked the result and assembled this CD for my own (and Jimmy's) fun.

I will certainly make another live album in the future with more appropriate equipement, but I think this one gives you a fair idea of an italian night with my fellow the Indio!!"