the Grandmothers


<<Recorded live at the London Astoria, March 98>>

We're the Grandmothers... (D.Preston)

Peaches En Regalia

MJ Intro (D.Preston / J.C.Black)

Teen-A Peek-A / The Big Chaos (Oliva)

Call Any Vegetable

Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin

Sleeping In a Jar

Lady Queen Bee (J.C.Black)

Love Of My Life

Hungry Freaks, Daddy

The Great White Buffalo (Black/Bailey)

Big Leg Emma

Brown Shoes Don't Make It

Junk Food (Oliva)

Mr.Green Genes

Uncle Meat

Oh No!

The Orange County Lumber Truck

Trail Of Tears (Black/Bailey)


all songs by FRANK ZAPPA except for where otherwise indicated.

the Grandmothers (Europe spring tour 98):

JIMMY CARL BLACK: Vocals, Percussion, Indian Of The Group

BUNK "Sweetpants" GARDNER: Saxes, Flute, Chef de cuisine

SANDRO OLIVA: Guitar, Vocals, Musical Advisor

ENER BLADEZIPPER: Bass, Vocals, Tour Manager

MAURO ANDREONI: Keyboards, Wise Man

STEVE B.RONEY: Drums, Vocals, Fish

from LA:

DON PRESTON: Vocals, Temporarely Retired from the GM


Produced and recorded by SANDRO OLIVA

Cover drawing by Helmut King

There's still a lot of good unused songs from this show.

My dream is to remix the whole show for a limited edition 3 CD set.

But I have to ask the others, find the time and the money......

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